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Which Project is AOT Supporting?Updated a year ago

Art of Tea x EcoCart

We are supporting the Garcia River Forest Project in beautiful Mendocino, California to do our part in combating the climate change that human beings have so long contributed to.  It is our corporate responibility to help offset the carbon emissions created by shipping out your package and we're more than happy to do so.  Every single small effort does count in the long-run.  That is why we have proudly partnerned with EcoCart to plant trees in Northern California.  Each tree we plant will help reduce the amount of carbon that is in our atmosphere which is warming our planet at an increasingly rapid rate.  Climate change is real and we, human beings, are actually able to make a difference at slowing that process. 

So why don't you - as a communiTEA member - do your part as well and opt-in at checkout.

Mother Earth and all its inhabitants will thank you.

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