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What is your referral program?Updated a year ago

Give $20 -- Get $20

It's tea time, friends!  There's nothing like sharing a simple cup of tea with those you love the most.  The beauty of tea is that it's a simple communal activity that somehow creates some of the most meaningful, genuine interactions human beings have ever had.  Share the gift of tea with your loved ones & begin to build a community over the diverse simplicity that is the tea plant.

As a thank you, your referred friend will receive $20 in the form of 400 points once they make their first purchase which will automatically be added to their LoyalTEA account and you will receive the same.  Kindly note that their first purchase must meet a $40 minimum to qualify (excluding shipping). 

Q: How do I join the program?

A: Head to our Referrals Page to join our Referral Program for free!

Q: How do I use my $20 credit?

A: 400 points will be added to your LoyalTEA Account once the friend you referred spends a minimum of $40 at and utilizes the code you shared with them. Please note that you will need to be logged in to your LoyalTEA Account in order to use these points and exchange them for rewards and discounts. 400 points can be exchanged for a $20 off coupon.

Q: Can I refer the same person more than once? 

A: You are limited to one Qualified Referral for each Referred Customer; in other words, additional/repeat purchases made by a Referred Customer are not counted as additional Qualified Referrals.

Q: Can I refer myself?

A: The Referred Customer and the Referrer cannot be the same person (for example, by using a different email address).

Q: How many people can I refer?

A: As many as you'd like at this time!

Q: Does my 400 points in credit expire?

A: Yes, all points earned expire 1 year after they are accrued. 

Q: I received an error message when referring friends through the email referral box.  What went wrong?

A: There are a couple of scenarios that could have triggered the error message. The first possible scenario is that there was a mistype in one of the email addresses that you entered or you forgot to put commas between multiple emails to separate them. To eliminate confusion over what occurred, we recommend that you go back and enter each email address one at a time, clicking ‘send’ after each one rather than uploading them all at once.  If you are still having problems using the email referrals we recommend using your unique referral link or sharing the referral through Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger to receive credit. Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] if you need further assistance.

Q: I've referred several friends but haven't received 400 points for each of them.  Is there something else I need to do?

A: Referred friends must be first-time customers in order for you to receive the referral reward. You will receive an email letting you know that one of your referrals made a purchase using your link. You will not receive your referral credit of 400 LoyalTEA points until the person you referred has made a purchase of $40 or more using your referral link. Additionally, referred customers cannot use an Art of Tea e-gift card to complete their first purchase.

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